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mpower: musicians for mental health

Get the facts. Check your head. Fight the stigma.

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mpoweryouth.com: musicans for mental health

Welcome to mpoweryouth  , the LiveJournal community for mpower!


mpower is a division of the National Mental Health Association that uses musical involvement to promote mental health awareness among today's teens. This communitiy is NOT an affiliate of mpower, but simply a forum for supporters of this valuable organization and all those struggling with mental health issues. mpoweryouth  is an OPEN FORUM for discussion of any and all mental health issues; feel free to seek advice, counsel others, or just rant!


Membership is extended to ALL!! You don't even have to be a musician, though musicians are encouraged to join. Just as mental disorders do not discriminate, nor does this community. We are all in this struggle together. Hopefully, mpower can provide information, comfort, and support in the battle against mental health issues.




1) Please be courteous to all members. Nobody's problem is too big or too small. Additionally, no member deserves to be ridiculed for feeling a certain way or taking a certain course of action. No bashing of any members will be tolerated!!

2) Posts on any and all mental health/music topics are allowed, including discussions about the official happenings of mpower or any mpower musicians. However, please do not stray too far from these issues!

3) Promoting is allowed if the community is related to mental health. Please do not pimp the newest rating community here!


I hope everyone who comes here can benefit from this community!

Get the facts. Check your head. Fight the stigma.