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mpower: musicians for mental health

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[27 Feb 2005|01:54am]

[ mood | deadish ]

threw clean-ness out of window last night. played at funeral, and sang. my playing sucked but the singing was good. i hate eulogies.tiny cuts laxt night. keep writing and singing songs.havn't been able to write about my dad yet. will happen soon.i miss him os much. he wouldn't want me to do this but its making me crazy. im so tired... but can't sleep. trying to uphold my " im okay" facade.i am a freaking wreck on the inside. but i can't show any weakness for my mom and i can't show any weakness for my friends. got thru nusical alive, with all the girls nudging me around and stuff.

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Hi All... [22 Feb 2005|05:07pm]

My name is Pearl and I suffer from bipolar disorder. Because of my bipolar I also have other "mental health" issues. I'm a cutter unfortunately, and I'm trying to stop. I've recently been declared suicidal and might be put back in the hospital for a while. I play the violin and have for the past eight years or so. I used to also sing, but I'm involved in too many activities to keep that up. I think this community is a great idea, and I'm here to help anyone I can!

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cool [21 Feb 2005|11:14pm]

[ mood | depressed as all hell ]

this is an awesome community. music is the key to mental health. i am a depressed 15 y.o. who cuts and drinks and does drugs. err... i have been clean for five days. thanks to the music i will be playing at my dad's funeral. i play guitar, but im mostly a singer. my dad died several days ago of cancer and he was the only thing that protected me from my mom. she is addicted to pain killers and doesn't get out of bed most days. we have a shitty relationship.i miss my dad more than anything. would have committed suicide a while ago but dad would have been devostated. music is power. help me thru this. trying to stay sober and not cut. peace.

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Welcome [21 Feb 2005|11:55pm]


Welcome to mpoweryouth : musicians for mental health.  This community is an open discussion forum for all teens struggling with mental health issues.  If you're a musician, that's great!...if you're not, that's fine, too.  Nobody should suffer through a mental disorder alone, no matter what it is or what the cause.  Join if you need help; join if you'd like to help; join because you care.

Also feel free to check out the mpower home page!

I hope this community can be of some help to all those who come here in search of support!

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